Project information

  • Category: C#
  • Client: Sentez Software
  • Project date: 2015 - 2022
  • Project Duration: 2 Years
  • Project URL:

ERP Program (Sentez Software)

I was responsible for activating the ERP program, which was the purpose of starting my job at Komet Metal Aksesuar, the institution where I worked, and taking part in the use of this program in the factory and the adaptation of the program to the factory. When I started working in the factory, I was tasked with facilitating the use of this program from the installation stage of the computers in the factory to the masters working in the factory. The program is C# based. It is a program and coding is done in accordance with the use within the program. The database of the program is SQL and it is offered to work in an integrated way with this program. With this program, I develop and carry forward the knowledge I have learned throughout my education life and my coding experience such as C# and SQL.