Project information

  • Category: PHP,CSS,MYSQL,HTML5
  • Client: SNR SOFT
  • Project date: 2020 - 2022
  • Project Duration: 2 Years
  • Project URL:

KOMET ERP-Program (Php Based)

In the company I work for, there is a need to go through the necessary inspections in a better and more transparent way, which is why I see a deficiency in the company. Departments such as Visitor's Book, Meal List, Company Information, Personnel Information; Planned Activities, Internal List and maintenance fault tracking and these departments are kept in a common area. For the sake of collection, I have created an ERP system with a user login belonging to the php-based mysql database. The coding and design of this system is entirely my own, and I ensured that the person working in the company could enter this system from the phone or computer with his username and password and see the necessary information in the company and act accordingly.