Project information

  • Category: Active Directory,Vmware,Dhcp
  • Client: Komet Metal Aksesuar
  • Project date: 2020 - 2021
  • Project Duration: 1 Years
  • Project URL:

Protecting Personal Data in accordance with the IT-Related KVK ban

In accordance with the KVK ban on IT in our company, I carried out studies on data security and privacy policies by including how personal data is created, where it is stored, how it is stored, when it will be deleted and these stages are included in a planning, and I adapted these studies in the field of informatics and within the scope of the law. I classified the items by adapting all of these stages to my company, fulfilling the need to protect this data from third parties, malicious attacks and internal malware. 1-Ensuring Cyber Security// 2-Monitoring personal data security in terms of informatics// 3-Ensuring the security of environments containing personal data// 4-Storing personal data correctly in the cloud// 5-Procurement, Development and Maintenance of Information Technology Systems// 6 -Backup of Personal Data